Providing our business partners with high quality, innovative and precision engineered retail loss prevention products since 2004

Our Mission Statement

“We provide customers outstanding products at a fair price , on-time delivery,

on-going innovation and simply the best customer service in our industry.”

- Simon Shi (Founder)

Easy Affordable Superior
At Virginland, we make solving needs EASY with over 50 different tag offerings. We will work with you on designing products which meet the needs of your customers. Virginland believes in investing resources in design, engineering and product development. We employ a customer-focused development process to identify opportunities and quickly bring solutions to retail security market. We have a strong reputation for building high quality, yet AFFORDABLE products which are fairly priced and meet the needs of your customers in retail security industry. We had a strong desire to all loss prevention products.We make a commitment to new product development so your product portfolio is constantly expanding and price wars are minimized. We are your business partner, and your ally. Innovation is the key to driving SUPERIOR products at Virginland. Our EAS(electronic artical surveillance) products are built from the inside out by people who live and breathe innovation. Our responsiveness to changing customer needs and new technology have helped establish a process of continuous improvement in product design and innovation.